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A Safe City For Women Is a Safe City For Everyone!

While Dror ensures the safety of every citizen, it especially recognizes that to truly make Indian cities safe, we must keep women’s safety at the center. Dror’s design and features have been guided by research and data from criminology experts and focus especially on creating safe spaces for women and reduce incidents of sexual assault, misbehaviour and even rape. We believe ensuring safety of our women will in turn create a safe environment for everyone.

Bringing Communities Closer to Make Indian Cities Safer

Dror is India’s first and only app that helps connect citizens to reach one another in times of distress.  It leverages technology and community insights to enable everyone to build a trustable community. With DROR every individual is able to get help as well as rescue in just a click!


Where the mind is without fear

Dror’s vision is to use technology to create a trust-based network of vigilant and responsible citizens who are ready to help others in distress around them. It ensures safety at all times by enabling instant SOS signals to mobilize help from around you, helping you identify safe spaces and meet new people and roam freely at any time without worrying.

Dror’s larger aim is to help police and the government ensure safety for all its citizens by leveraging technology, data and vigilant community members.

How Does Dror Keep You Safe?

Dror uses the power of technology to boost the power of the community!

Distress Management

With just one-click your Dror safety network around you gets informed to come to your rescue.
While police is on the way, Dror helps you get immediate help needed at the time of distress.

How It Works?

Smart Tracking

Stay safe while you travel with smart live tracking that intimates your loved ones when you deviate from your route.
No need for your loved ones to keep staring at the phone in worry for hours as you travel.

Safe Meeting

Meeting new people and creating new connections shouldn’t be cause of worry.
Set up a safe meeting on Dror to ensure others are informed in case something goes wrong.

Report Incident

Report instances of violence, mark away deserted and dark areas
to help create a heat map that marks safe and unsafe spaces in your city.

The DROR Team

Dhiraj Nauhbar

Co-founder & CEO

Dhiraj brings in over 15 years of experience in leadership and strategy in scaling E-commerce Businesses. His background as an astute marketer and ability to identify and scale a product sets him apart. His career spans across the globe, from the USA to MENA region and in India to include working with TATA Motors, Maruti Suzuki, Ginger Hotels and Harvard University incubated start-up Impact Guru to name a few. Dhiraj is a recognized technology visionary who has several credos in translating business ideas into its full potential. In 2015, Dhiraj was named amongst the 100 Most Influential Marketing Professionals from India by World Marketing Congress.
Dhiraj is an alumnus of National Institute of Technology - Calicut, India.

Dheeraj Bansal

Co-founder & COO

Arun Rustagi

Chief Tech Founder & Product Strategy Head

Vivek Nauhbar

Brand & Customer Strategy, Ex-BCG, Strategic Investor

The idea for a safety app first germinated in Vivek. Vivek has over 13 years of experience in market research and strategy and has worked with Nielsen, Boston Consulting Group, Mediacom. He currently works at RB, a health and hygiene company and supports Dror with strategic consumer-insights to develop an impactful product.

Ashok Negi

IOT & Consumer Insights Strategic Investor

Ashok has held senior positions in Ipsos, GfK and Nielsen and has a strong background in market research and consumer insights. He shares the team’s passion for finding tangible solutions to the safety problem in the country and advises on consumer mindset and behavior to better product features and functions.

Neha Bhayana

Brand & Advertising, Ex- JWT

Neha has 14+ years of experience in marketing and brand strategy working with top tier brand and communication firms focusing on digital solution and tech operational expertise. Neha brings a wealth of experience working with global MNCs in consumer products categories, working on women focused brands. No one understands Indian women perspective more than Neha in our team. She focuses on product development and communication work stream to bring tech solution to women insights.

Abhilasha Bhrambhatt

Collaboration Manager

Palaash Atri

UI/UX Designer

Akshay Agarwal

Full-stack Developer

Damanpreet Singh

Android Developer

Rahul Kumar

Full-stack Developer

Kartik Sakhuja

Android Developer

Dhiraj Chhabra

Android Developer


Madhumita Pandey

Criminology,Victimology Expert, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Madhumita Pandey is a Lecturer in Criminology in the Department of Law and Criminology situated within the Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice at Sheffield Hallam University in the United Kingdom. Her research explored gender socialization and perceptions of culpability in the narratives of convicted violent offenders from Delhi prison. This groundbreaking research was one of the first studies of its kind in India to examine perspectives of convicted rapists and garnered much attention internationally. With a background in Clinical Psychology, she has previously worked in some of the leading hospitals in New Delhi and also as a guidance counsellor. She was the Consultant Psychologist for the highly acclaimed BBC documentary - India’s Daughter based on the 2012 Delhi gang rape case. Madhumita has also been working as a Monthly Columnist for The Sunday Guardian newspaper where her articles cover a wide range of pressing psychological and criminological issues. At Sheffield Hallam University, she teaches on a number of different undergraduate modules that include Applying Criminology, Sex, Violence and Extremism and Experiencing Criminal Justice.

Commander Pallav Prakash

Ex-Indian Navy

Pallav brings expertise in risk assessment and its management. He has served in the Indian Navy and has been on the panel of various expert groups in NATO. Pallav has over two decades of global experience in working extensively with governments, MNCs and social enterprises. He has also been guest lecturer at IIT, Delhi. Based in Silicon Valley, California, Pallav is currently engaged in developing risk mitigation strategies for futuristic innovations with a social enterprise.
He is an alumnus of The Johns Hopkins University and IIM, Lucknow.


Tech Advisor

Satvat is advising DROR on tech front. He is currently pursuing Bachelors in Computer Science at MIT Boston. He had secured All India Rank 1 in IIT-JEE in 2015. Following that, he enrolled for Computer Science at IIT BOMBAY. Based on his academic excellence, he was allowed to transfer his credits from IIT to MIT.

Get Involved

Become a DROR Safety Champion

If you care about making your neighborhood safer, download the app and register to be informed when someone around you needs help.

Host a DROR safety event to help us spread awareness

There are millions of citizens, especially women who feel insecure each day as they walk back home late at night, meet a stranger alone for work or through dating apps or have to travel to unknown places. The DROR safety event will not only help them stay safe through the app but also inform them of other means to find safety when in distress.

Volunteer to make your city safe

Volunteer to report instances of violence, eve-teasing, robbing, etc. to help us create a map of safe and unsafe places that would help others stay safe.

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