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5 Apps for couples to shorten their long distance relationship.

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“Absence makes your heart grow broader, but it sure makes the rest of you lonely."  ~Charles M. Schulz

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No one, but people like ME who are going through a Long-Distance Relationship understands the depth of the quote above. When you are far from the person you love, a few days apart can feel like months and small distances can feel like a million miles. Lucky for us - we live in the 21st century with technology at our rescue. Hundreds of Mobile apps are available today easing out the lives of Couples who are in a Long-Distance Relationship. Be it the lack of personal touch, communication gap, safety concerns or intimacy, the following apps can be trusted upon to solve our problems.

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1. Couples

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Combine all the awesome features of modern communication apps, bake it in the oven of Love and Passion, then add the icing of uninterrupted connectedness and top it with one secret elixir and POOF!!! COUPLES at your service!!!

This app entertains you with awesome and must-have features like Calling, photo sharing, audio messages and calendars to track special memories. Also, you and your Special-one can draw Doodles together, in real-time, sitting thousands of miles afar and ping each other anytime, anywhere using this app.

The secret elixir we talked above is the trademark feature of COUPLES app known as ThumbKiss. In this feature, when you touch the device screen at the exact same point where your BAE is touching, both the devices will vibrate at the same time!!! Sweeeeet!!! This creates a weird but adorable feeling of proximity between the couples using this app. 

Some couples might not find this feature very exciting, but my dear Love-Birds, until those geniuses at MIT find you a better and cheaper way to connect, you have to make-out with your ThumbKisses.

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2.DROR Safety App

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Is your lover 10 minutes late for your ‘no-exceptions calling schedule’ and isn’t even replying to your texts? 

Is your Bae going to a new place, alone?

Safety of our partner becomes our top concern in a Long-Distance Relationship. The most irritating part of a Long-Distance relationship is the frustration and helplessness we feel when we know that our partner is facing some problem, without us being able to help them out.

It doesn’t matter what we think, but the security issues are real, especially for women. 

Hundreds of safety apps are there, but almost all of them lack one feature or another.

Only the DROR SAFETY APP helps to solve all the security-related issues one can face. This app has the most breakthrough and innovative security features available in the market.

Prime Features:

a.Real-time Live Location Tracking - Allows precise location tracking with the help of GPS and Satellite tech.

b.SOS - One-click Emergency help by the family, friends and nearby Dror users.

c.Smart Trip Tracking - Checks Route Deviation in Cab rides and alerts the user.

d.Heat Maps - Colour grades the map of cities with Green and Red showcasing which areas are safer and which areas are unsafe, respectively.

e.Track Meetings - Meeting someone new?? Share your meeting details with your contacts.

My special one and I have been using this app for some time now, and whenever she has to leave for an outdoor meeting or have to attend a late-night party, she just sends me the invite so that I can know her location.

Trust me, this feature actually makes me feel as if we are hanging out together!!!Other safety apps are okay, but the DROR SAFETY APP is a MUST-HAVE for the relaxation and peace of mind one gets after knowing the well-being of their love-interest.This app is available for Free on Apple Store and Playstore.

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3. Klikaklu

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Keeping the sparks lightning in a Long-Distance Relationship (LDRs) is a real challenge. Boredom and monotony are the main reasons behind the downfall of an LDR.

 If your relationship is going through the same issue, KLIKAKLU can be a major life-saver. After all, who doesn’t like Treasure Hunts?
 KLIKAKLU is a great app for creating really interesting real-life treasure hunts for couples. Cute, personalised hints, clever twists and turns, and an awesome end, who wouldn’t fall for these?

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4. We connect

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All Long-Distance couples suffer from... you know... ‘the-personal-touch’.

LDR ruins your sex life which is a major reason for breakups. Keeping the Bedroom, or maybe the Kitchen top, steamy and hot is hella important.

WE-CONNECT app makes this happen. This app can connect with the sex-toys your partner uses and you can control them with your smartphone and change the patterns of ‘vibrations’. Though no technology can take the place of ‘the-personal-touch’, WE-CONNECT will make sure that your BAE doesn’t have to crave for it.

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5. Hike App

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Do you feel that you can’t express yourself properly over the phone?

Do some things go unsaid while chatting?

Or you think that those instant messaging apps lack emotions?

Try Hike App, which comes with the tag-line - “Made in India”. Awesome and virtually untraceable, HIKE has over 30,000 stickers with strong Indi-Bollywood references. It has the option of hiding private chats, so that your lil’ bro can’t do a sneak peek. One major turn-on feature of this app is its Custom Chat Theme, which can be used to set the desired mood on special occasions. The life-saver feature of this app is its personal AI-Bot.  Need to send a cute romantic quote to your love or share some fun-fact, use the personalised AI-Bot.