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Are we not failing from asking for consent and considering it for real?

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We females are judged on the basis of “where they work”, “how they dress” or “with whom they talk to.'' Look at the type of dress she’s wearing, showing her cleavage, highlighting the shape of her butt, she is clearly asking for it.

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These infamous, believed and spread myths made a woman life a constant struggle to justify her intentions and presence.

All these preconceived notions have made Relationships a huge mess. It’s like signing a contract or handing over your entire body, choices and much more to the “other one”.

But it never works that way. No relationship can drag you into doing things you don’t wish to be doing. Relationships are mutual and so is having sex.

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To maintain any kind of social relationship, consent is a must. Sex is all about consent. If you don’t want it, let the other partner know. If you are being forced to maintain any kind of physical contact by your boyfriend or girlfriend that simply indicates an “unhealthy relationship” and there’s only one way out, break up.

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Consider being asked for sex by your immediate senior or a person you got laid with in the past. Such situations can create a lot of chaos and problems. Responding to such proposal is very tricky.

So, try the following :

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● Try ignoring the minor appealings like flirts.

● Meeting with your boss away from the working environment where you can freely talk about your feelings would work.

● Strongly recommending the relationship to be professional and showing initiative towards building it even stronger would be really impactful.

● keep an eye on the behaviour of your boss towards you and maintain details.

● if the advances increase, file a complaint to the HR.

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These may help you to work without affecting your working environment and relations.

While dealing with your past needs a direct and strict approach.

You do not owe any explanation to anyone for the choices you make. Be clear, look them in the eyes and say what you want. No beating around the bush, just a direct say of yours would work.

What else? Just head up! There’s nothing in your life on which you have no control including when or with whom you have sex with.